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LED SYSTEMS – LED Video Wall Rentals In Las Vegas

Rent A Video Wall System


2.5mm Absen LED Wall

Absen LED video wall panels

2.6mm LightLink LED Wall

LightLink HD video wall panels

3.9mm Absen LED Wall

LED video wall with a concert being displayed

Novastar MCTRL4K LED Wall Controllers

HD video processor from Novastar for LED video walls

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VBS Event Solutions

Las Vegas Video Wall Rentals

If you are looking to rent an LED video wall in Las Vegas, VBS Event Solutions has you covered. We have a wide array of panel types, brands, and pixel pitch. Whether you are trying to create a massive video backdrop for a performing stage, or simply adding compelling video content as a secondary scenic element, we have the LED video wall rental package for you. Equipment we commonly use include:

2.3mm Absen LED Panels

2.5mm Absen LED Panels

2.6mm LightLink LED Panels

3.9mm Absen LED Panels

Novastar Processing HD and 4K

We use High Definition LED video wall panels paired with HD video processors to provide your attendees with the most visually stunning displays technologically possible. We can build video walls of virtually any size and configuration, and with video mapping, we can create a spectacle unlike any you have ever seen. Some suggested applications for LED video wall rentals include:

Digital Signage


Logo Display

Interactive Displays

Dynamic Scenic Displays

Video Support for Presentations

Video Calls To Action

Additionally, we also provide a wide range of other AV equipment and services. We specialize in video production including projection, video mapping, LED screens, digital displays, indoor/outdoor screens, and video switching, but we can also take care of:

Stage Carpentry



Lighting Design

Sound Engineering

Contact us today to get the ball rolling on booking a video wall for your next event. We are a project & goal oriented business, we can help you build brand recognition. There is no need to stop at a video wall rental, though. We can take care of your entire event. Let us design your imagination!